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Whether you are looking for a Laser Shaft Alignment System, Balancing tool, portable vibration analyser or sophisticated online system, if you are in Kazakhstan, we at CMS Group are here to provide you with everything that you need


Reliability Solutions Engineering relies on machine condition data, combined from multiple technologies, properly acquired and carefully and competently assessed.

Few companies are able to harmoniously combine skill sets and multiple technologies successfully. At CMS Group we pride ourselves in delivering unique value, and a sustainable competitive advantage through a deep proficiency in, and successful integration of, all our Core Competencies.

Vibration measurements are instrumental in the condition-based maintenance of machines and systems.

Conditions can be documented and compared with the state of the art and, in the event of changes in the vibration behaviour, the causes can be determined early on.

Root cause analysis and fault analysis in the case of unusual vibration behaviour is our specialty. We offer vibration-based machine monitoring and condition diagnosis as part of our on-site and remote services.
Design and installation of online systems is a substantial part of our business.

Our main focus is online systems for special process applications within mining, steel, petrochemical and pulp & paper industries. Our systems based on Intellinova measuring units and Condmaster software by SPM Instrument AB (Sweden) are really good in condition monitoring at ultra-low rpm, machines operating with changing load/speed, and at short cycles.

Typical applications for our CMS are: overhead cranes, steel converters, ladle turrets, rolling mills, feeders, thickeners, critical pumps, conveyors, crushers, paper- and board- machines and other challenging units.

Reduce vibrations through balancing of rotors

Unbalance is the most frequent cause of increased vibrations in fans, ventilators, belt pulleys or couplings. The objective of field balancing is to keep vibrations, mechanical stress, bearing loads and shaft deformation within acceptable levels.

Our service experts can use Leonova portable data collector, for example, to quickly identify and eliminate unbalances in the field, also under difficult operating conditions. Even ‘special tasks’ such as balancing of rotor blades in a wind turbine can be completed in just a few hours.


Reduce costs by minimizing machine vibrations,
bearing and seal wear.

Maintenance departments in top industrial organizations worldwide employ these highly-developed and user-friendly systems to measure and align machinery used in the steel, mining, power, petrochemical, water treatment, production and processing industries.

Let the CMS team with its dedicated experts and proven laser alignment systems be at the heart of your maintenance program.

Our Machinery Service Team uses SPM Instrument’s products to perform shaft alignments for you.

Induction heating is a superior, fast and controlled heating method.

Induction bearing heaters are versatile and are used for safe heating of bearings (NU, NJ) gear wheels, bushings, couplings, innerrings, labyrinth rings, train wheels etc. etc. It is common knowledge that a correct mounting method extends bearing life. Controlled induction heating prevents unnecessary damage, and retains original pre-lubrication. Induction heaters are ideal for sealed bearings (2RS-ZZ).
Intellinova® Parallel EN by SPM Instrument AB (Sweden) is a high-performance online system, ideally suited for condition monitoring of industrial equipment with high availability demands. This robust monitoring unit is designed to manage demanding industrial environments and complex operating conditions in all industries.
Intellinova Parallel EN continuously monitors your critical equipment, capturing relevant events without delay. Four, eight, sixteen or thirty-two channels can be used for vibration and/or shock pulse measurement with the DuoTech accelerometer. Four, eight, or sixteen RPM channels can be utilized for data acquisition on machinery with complex drives, even under variable operating conditions. The system tracks and manages changes in process and operating conditions, providing a reliable snapshot of equipment condition for entire machines. Measuring assignments can be set up to trigger individual channels or multiple system units in parallel and synchronously.

Implementing HD condition monitoring technologies, the system is the ideal choice for gearboxes – including planetary gears – and low-speed applications (from below 0.1 RPM) such as agitators, crushers, or conveyors. Advanced functionality makes the system ideal where measurement is time-critical due to short process cycles, for example, rolling mills, railcar dumpers, press nips, or winders. Further examples include lifting and hoisting equipment such as cranes or drop sections. Intellinova Parallel EN is also suitable for more straightforward applications like motors, pumps, and fans.
Intellinova Parallel EN can be run alongside its siblings in the Intellinova family of online systems in an integrated system, or as stand-alone units.

Technical overview

Intellinova Parallel EN is a powerful measuring system for continuous monitoring of machine condition. The cabinet, intended for wall mounting, is robust and sealed for use in harsh environments. The system unit INCEN16 can be mounted in a 19-inch rack mounting for space-preserving installation of multiple units.

Characteristics of Intellinova measuring units:

Measuring channels: 4
Analog inputs: 2
RPM inputs: 4
Digital inputs/outputs: 2/2
Frequency range: DC – 40 000 Hz
Dynamic range: up to 125 dB

Measuring channels: 8
Analog inputs: 2
RPM inputs: 4
Digital inputs/outputs: 2/2
Frequency range: DC – 40 000 Hz
Dynamic range: up to 125 dB

Measuring channels: 16
Analog inputs: 4
RPM inputs: 8
Digital inputs/outputs: 4/4
Frequency range: DC – 40 000 Hz
Dynamic range: up to 125 dB

*) Also available in a portable version in a MIL standard plastic carrying case with connectors, internal measuring cables, and power supply unit.
Leonova Diamond by SPM Instrument AB (Sweden) is a dependable and highly potent analysis tool, addressing all of your condition monitoring needs. It offers a full and wide range of sophisticated measuring techniques as well as all the supporting diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities. The instrument efficiently and reliably handles different machine characteristics and variable running conditions. State-of-the-art digital technology and careful software design enable superior data acquisition and processing. For use in hazardous areas and hostile environments, an intrinsically safe version is available.

Leonova Diamond offers highly sophisticated vibration measurement and shock pulse measurements with the patented HD technologies, providing razor-sharp spectrums even where signals are weak and low in energy content. The instrument’s excellent signal-to-noise ratio gives a decisive advantage where weak signals are present among stronger signals, such as in gearboxes.

In partnership with one of the strongest and most advanced brand in condition monitoring industry – SPM Instrument AB (Sweden), CMS Group has access to the latest technologies needed to monitor machine reliability.

One of CMS Group’s Visions is to provide reliable machine health solutions to as many customers in Kazakhstan as possible. Whether you are looking for a Laser Shaft Alignment System, Balancing tool, portable vibration analyser or sophisticated online system, if you are in Kazakhstan, we at CMS Group are here to provide you with everything that you need.

We highly appreciate the trust of our customers in Kazakhstan.
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